Seattle, WA, USA

The Art of Margo Cavis


A few things to check out

Margo is a painter, photographer and cinematographer living is Seattle, Washington.

Fine Art

Margo is now living in Bremerton, WA, and, in addition to her continued love for the underwater world, she has been inspired by the rich color and beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Check out her Fine Art Website for paintings, photography and video about the imagry Margo is passionate about. 

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Commercial Art

Professional art, photography and video production with a unique style. A large selection of Margo’s commercial work, from travel and journalism, to feature films, to event and corporate photography and video. Much of Margo’s current commercial work is in the real estate industry. 

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Sea Surreal Store

Fun Apparel and accessories! Most of the themes are geared towards water enthusiasts like scuba divers, snorkelers, paddleboarders, surfers, skiers and other water sports. But, there are also designs for those who just want something unique and artistic. Check out her fun, colorful designs at! 

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